Companies misinterpret their customers’ online experiences

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The overwhelming majority of companies do not have a detailed understanding of the experience online of its customers, although half guarantee that they monitor and manage the operations carried out on their websites, reveals a study by Compuware aimed at distribution companies and European financial organizations.

This lack of knowledge about the user experience, which results from the lack of or poor monitoring of their transactional sites, is responsible for annual losses of 730 thousand euros for one third of the companies surveyed. Twenty-three percent even estimate that the annual cost of their website’s poor performance is around 3 million euros.

The document shows that only a very small number of companies have specific information about their users’ experience (6 percent). In contrast, half of the companies admit that their monitoring does not go beyond peak traffic on the server, in order to ensure that the site is not inaccessible if the level of visits increases.

A smaller number (20 per cent) focus their monitoring efforts on the use of dedicated PCs, which simulate transaction operations in different locations, a method that the study authors also do not consider satisfactory since it is based on an artificial experience of use.

The study advises companies to seek to know which ISP is used by their customers and what impact this has on the connection to the websites, but finds that currently only 26 percent of the surveyed companies have this level of knowledge about their customers’ usage habits. Sixty-one percent do not even know what type of connection customers use, whether broadband is dial up which significantly changes the transaction experience.

«Although distribution companies and financial organizations think they have the necessary procedures in place to safeguard the user experience, the reality is that they don’t,» says Michael Allen, Director of Sales at Compuware EMEA in the area of ​​Performance Management.

On the side of customers, it is proven that the poor performance of an Internet site easily leads to a withdrawal in the transaction. Sixty-eight percent of respondents say that even if the performance of a website does not satisfy them, an alternative website is used.

«Consumer responses clearly demonstrate that there is a big gap between what companies think they know and what they really know,» adds the same official. 200 CIOs and 400 consumers participated in this study.

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