Companies keep investing in green IT

EC wants ICT sector to set "ecological example"

Most companies will keep their green IT projects a priority, although spending on technology is likely to fall in the face of the recession experienced worldwide, a study by Gartner indicates.

The strategy aims to save and not necessarily concern for the environment. In the consultant’s forecasts, companies should remain focused on projects that increase energy efficiency and save costs.

The analysis was carried out in December last year, with the participation of 620 business leaders, who answered questions about the development of projects and the impact of the crisis on initiatives.

In total, 22 percent of respondents said they had capital reserved for «green projects». Of these, more than a third (46% in Europe, 38% in the Asia / Pacific region and 36% in the United States) expected to spend more than 15 percent of their green IT technology budgets.

At the time the study was carried out, only 10 percent (60 organizations) revealed that they had no Green IT project. With the exception of the Asia / Pacific region, most companies responded that the question would be considered.

The document also revealed that 40 percent of companies in the United States and 58 percent in Europe intend to launch projects in this area in the future, compared to just 15 percent of respondents in the Asia / Pacific region.