Companies join anti-piracy patents facilitating adoption of DRM standard for mobile phones

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

MPEG LA announced today that it has managed to collect all the necessary anti-piracy patents to protect digital content, such as video and music, on mobile phones. Altogether, patents from five companies – ContentGuard Holdings, Intertrust Technologies, Matsushita Electric Industrial, Philips Electronics and Sony Corporation – are involved, which will allow the adoption of a standard established by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), an organization of mobile phone manufacturers and telecommunications operators.

This combination of content control and anti-piracy technology will facilitate its use among these same manufacturers and operators, since they will be able to acquire the rights for all the most important patents through MPEG LA, as explained by a company official – who has already holds the set of patents for the standard MPEG-2 video compression – to Reuters.

Mobile phone manufacturers will pay a dollar to include OMA’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) 1.0 standard on a mobile phone. Content producers who want to protect their works with OMA’s DRM will pay royalties representing one percent of the sale price of your service.

OMA’s DRM specification is expected to help make digital content available for mobile phones, providing more security to music, video and software who have been very reluctant to offer their catalogs that way.

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