Companies deliver new complaint against Microsoft to the European Commission

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IBM, Oracle, RealNetworks, Nokia and Sun are among a group of companies that today filed a new complaint against Microsoft with the European Commission. Within the European Committee for Interoperable Systems group, companies complain about Bill Gates’ business practices that allegedly prevent consumers from exercising a real choice in the area of software, namely in productivity packages.

The association had already offered to support the European Commission in the framework of the antitrust that the European executive initiated against Microsoft (see Related News), but now reinforces some of his concerns, asking the Commission to prevent practices that reinforce Microsoft’s existing monopoly and allow the extension of its domain to other areas outside operating systems .

In a document, quoted by the main international agencies, the group of companies states that «we are at a crossroads», continuing with the question «Will a dominant player be allowed to control these conditions or the rules will guarantee competition with the prevalence of merit, in the for everyone? «writes the Associated Press.

Simon Awde, chairman of the European Committee for Interoperable Systems, defends in a statement that the limits to Microsoft’s practices already contemplated in the 2004 decision must now be applied quickly and more broadly.

The companies’ complaint refers to the Office, software productivity, as an example of the violation of competition rules, advancing new areas that are not covered by the EC decision in the process antitrust against Microsoft. It is recalled that this process focused on the inclusion of software reading Media files, the Media Player, and also in the interconnection of applications with server operating systems.

The group does not include only the heavyweights of the industry, integrating some smaller companies, such as Opera and Red Hat, as well as Linspire.

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