Companies ask for free access on the Internet

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A joint survey carried out by some of the main companies with a presence online shows that in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, where issues related to limitations on Internet access are the order of the day, 91 percent of consumers intend to continue to have free access to all types of content available on the network.

According to the analysis, the subscribers want ISPs to keep their offers, without restrictions or limitations on the type of services accessed, asking for «neutrality on the Internet».

Only five percent of respondents expressed support for speed control and the imposition of fees on those who access services that require faster access or who access platforms considered «illegal».

The study was presented in the European Parliament by the giants Google – which also speaks on YouTube -, Skype, eBay, Yahoo !, PriceMinister and Dailymotion, which call for the European Union to review the EU’s legislation on telecommunications.

This is because, companies fear that the new regulation will impose on ISPs control of access to certain platforms and that they will take advantage of this factor to facilitate traffic on channels belonging to associated companies.

The presentation of this proposal was supported by MEP Karin Riis-Jorgensen, who stressed that if access to certain pages is limited or impaired by an operator, consumers are likely to change their behavior when looking for new services due to the lack of quality provided, which will harm the sector.