Companies are skeptical about the Socrates Technological Plan

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The business sector is not convinced about the advantages to be derived from the Technological Plan set in motion by the current Government, according to the results of a study conducted by Deloitte among 231 companies operating in Portugal, published by Diário de Notícias.

When asked about the effect that the Technological Plan will have on their organization, companies responded that they did not find any significant advantage, with more than a third saying that the proposal by the Government of Socrates will have no effect, while half of the companies say that the effects will be of little relevance. . Only six percent of respondents believe that the Technological Plan will have a very relevant effect, while nine percent have chosen to answer the question.

Competitiveness, encouraging scientific and technological development and encouraging research and development are, in the opinion of the companies surveyed, the main objectives of the Technological Plan.

«Empresa na Hora», on the other hand, is seen as an important measure for the business sector, although 74 percent of respondents consider it primarily as a project aimed at reducing bureaucracy in public administration and only afterwards as a factor to boost the business sector (64%).

Although viewed with optimism, only 25 percent of companies think that this measure contributes to increasing business competitiveness and only 31 percent say it can stimulate the economy.

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