Companies are changing the way they look at security

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In recent years, the use of more traditional security solutions has decreased, while solutions based on appliances and security as a service. The trend was pointed out this morning by Gabriel Coimbra, research and consulting director of IDC, at the IT and Internet Security conference, organized by the consultant.

The official defends that both trends will be accentuated in the national market, with emphasis on the security as a service which is still taking its first steps, very much associated with outsourcing.

In the case of applliances, which are progressively replacing traditional security solutions software, the incidence in the national market is already more visible, he told TeK Gabriel Coimbra.

The official highlights a gradual change in the strategies of companies, especially large ones, over the past few years. These changes are manifested in the way companies plan their investments in the area of ​​Internet Security, which are increasingly integrated into security policies.

Gabriel Coimbra admits, however, that a logic of reaction to security threats still prevails in the Portuguese business fabric, as opposed to a posture to prevent these threats.

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