Communications under the Portuguese presidency generated 1.6 terabytes of traffic

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Over the six months in which Portugal held the presidency of the European Union, 650 thousand minutes of voice communications were generated and more than 1.6 terabytes data traffic at meeting locations. The figures are advanced by Vodafone, which ensured the presidency’s fixed and mobile communications during the period.

According to the same numbers, the operator installed 1300 fixed phones and made 500 phones available to the 55,000 participants involved in the event, which hosted 140 meetings in 10 different locations in the country.

The presidency’s communication needs were met through Wi-Fi, 3G, streaming video, fixed and mobile data solutions and convergence solutions.

The first balance of communications from the Portuguese presidency was presented by Vodafone at the end of the first month of activity. At that time, 160 thousand minutes of conversation had already taken place.

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