Communications cost 2.5 M € to the Azorean Government in 2008

Communications cost 2.5 M € to the Azorean Government in 2008

The results of an audit by the Court of Auditors, now released, reveal that in 2008 the Regional Government of the Azores spent 2.5 million euros on communications, in the telecommunications contracts maintained with Portugal Telecom, Vodafone and TMN.

The audit worked on information regarding data communications, fixed and mobile, ascertaining that both the members of the Government and the staff of the offices – which include advisers, deputies, heads of cabinet and personal secretaries – are among the employees with access to mobile phones without predefined ceiling.

The most spenders were the Education and Culture Secretariat and the Agriculture and Forestry Secretariat. The first spent 690 thousand euros on communications and the second 510 thousand euros, throughout 2008, when the facts are reported.

The most spared structure was the social affairs secretariat, with a communication expense of 37,000 euros.

In total, 278 mobile phone bills were paid by the regional government, with only part of them being limited to a monthly ceiling of 25 euros, reveals RTP, which advances the news.

The Court of Auditors’ audit also detected irregularities such as the lack of control over invoices and related expenses, the same source said.