Communications between PC and mobile phones facilitated by new Optimus service

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Optimus has just announced a new service that aims to reduce the distance between the operator’s customers and their contacts. Available through the Optimus Negócios division, PC to SMS allows the operator’s corporate subscribers to send written messages to all their Outlook contacts through the email.

The use of PC to SMS is not associated with any type of monthly fee. However, only the first messages sent are free, the rest have a similar cost to those sent from the mobile phone.

To access the service, the customer must go to the site service and install the application, which is immediately ready to use in Outlook.

With this initiative, Optimus wants to give its business customers a «fast, simple, effective and low-cost communication tool» that allows them to increase the productivity of organizations and makes it «as easy» to send a written message «as a email«, reinforces in a statement.

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