Common debtor base goes into operation

List of debtors can be extended to fixed and Internet

As of Tuesday, mobile operators TMN, Vodafone and Optimus have a joint database of debtor customers.

The new “black list” includes customers of operators with debts above the national minimum wage and more than eight days overdue.

Credinformações / Equifax, the entity that will manage the information, explains in a statement sent to the press that those targeted will start to be notified by letter that they are part of the list of debtors and their rights and duties.

At startup, the database already has about 200 thousand records of users who have debts above the national minimum wage.

«What we want to do is create a culture of risk management, some education in the sector, in which people know that there is information circulating and that they cannot jump from one operator to another and leave debts open,» he says the director general of Equifax, Albano Santos.