Commission opens a new series of infringement proceedings in the area of ​​telecommunications

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The European Commission has initiated yet another round of infringement proceedings related to the Community telecommunications rules and once again Portugal appears among the group of targets, the subject of a notification for non-compliance with one of the obligations, that of «guaranteeing a complete lists «, alongside Cyprus and the United Kingdom.

The European executive considers it regrettable that it is still necessary to initiate proceedings to compel Member States to correct defective transpositions, but welcomes the results achieved in the meantime. Since the entry into force of the new rules in July 2003, the Commission has opened 50 infringement procedures, it is said in a statement.

«I am pleased that our efforts are now beginning to show positive results in some Member States and that we are now able to close a whole series of cases. I appeal to all Member States on which infringement proceedings are still pending so that fulfill their obligations as soon as possible, as a longer delay could seriously jeopardize growth and jobs in this key sector of the European economy «, says Viviane Reding, Commissioner for the Information Society and the Media, in the document. «The transposition of the Community rules of electronic communications is essential for the establishment of competition and the offer of better services», he considers.

In addition to the notification to the group of countries where Portugal is included, in this new series of infringement proceedings related to Community telecommunications rules, the Commission also sent notifications of non-compliance to Lithuania, as it does not allow number portability, and to the Czech Republic for insufficient protection. users against spam.

There are also actions against Sweden and Poland before the European Court of Justice and the sending of reasoned opinions to the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Latvia, Malta, Poland and Slovakia for not guaranteeing the availability of a complete directory service. Other reasoned opinions were also sent to the Czech Republic, for not ensuring number portability, and to Germany, Finland and Poland because their national legislation gives insufficient powers to the national telecommunications regulatory authorities. .

At the same time, the European Commission is about to close nine infringement proceedings previously filed, «because the Member States concerned have meanwhile ensured the effective transposition of the Community framework for electronic communications», the executive said in the statement.

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