Commission of inquiry hears Intel and Zon

Commission of inquiry hears Intel and Zon

Tomorrow the hearings begin again by the parliamentary committee that investigates the process that led to the adoption of Magalhães and the implementation of the e-school program. In the «summoned» list are those responsible for Intel and Zon, Inforlândia and the Ministry of Education.

Intel, through the Iberian head and the head of business in Portugal, will be the first to be called to Parliament tomorrow, the day when the commission of inquiry into the functioning of the Foundation for Mobile Communications resumes the hearings.

Also on the agenda for tomorrow are the testimonies of officials from Inforlândia and task force from the Ministry of Education that defined the characteristics of the computer – although the appearance of the latter is yet to be confirmed, it is read on the commission’s website.

The chairman of the board of directors Zon Multimédia, Rodrigo Costa, will be heard during the morning of Wednesday.

Parliamentarians hope that the testimony of Intel officials will help determine the company’s involvement in the development of Magalhães and the computer presentation ceremony in July 2008.

«It is extremely curious that in the memorandum of understanding [que foi assinado com o Estado português no dia em que foi apresentado o Magalhães] the Magalhães initiative is mentioned, but JP Sá Couto told us that it had nothing to do with the memorandum of understanding «, points out BE deputy Pedro Filipe Soares, speaking to the Lusa agency.

Bruno Dias, from PCP, highlights the fact that Intel signed the memorandum of understanding with the Government «at the same time that it was negotiating with JP Sá Couto, and, supposedly, some did not know what was happening with the others» .