Commission «forgets» accusations against Apple

Apple "accepts" iPhone jailbreak

Apple is no longer being investigated by the European Commission. Brussels decided to suspend the two ongoing proceedings, considering that the manufacturer has, in the meantime, adopted policies that address the problems in question.

Started in the first half of this year, the two investigations were related to the strategy established by Apple regarding the repair of the iPhone and the development of applications for the same device.

The European Executive was concerned about Apple’s repair practices specifying that iPhone technical support services were limited to the country where it was purchased.

On the other hand, the apple maker obliged programmers to use only the company’s tools when developing applications for the smartphone.

Apple’s announcement that it will implement cross-border warranty services, avoiding charging for repairs when a European citizen buys the iPhone outside their country of residence and the fact that the company has revealed that it would change restrictive application development policies for the smartphone, allowing the creation of software with third party tools, led the European Commission to end the investigations

«Apple’s response to our preliminary investigations demonstrates that the Commission can use its competition rules to achieve objective results in the market, with clear benefits for consumers, without having to open formal procedures,» said Competition Commissioner Joaquín Almunia.