Commission assesses compliance with sanctions imposed on Microsoft

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Microsoft customers and rivals will tell the European Commission this week whether they consider the latest proposals from the software to comply with the sanctions imposed on it at European level.

A spokesman for the European executive, quoted by several news outlets, said that «the Commission will decide whether it considers Microsoft’s proposals to be satisfactory or not in the light of market reactions».

EC sanctions on Bill Gates’ company were known about a year ago and in addition to a € 497 million fine, Microsoft was also imposed on sharing technical information about Windows with its rivals and providing an independent version Windows Media Player application.

Microsoft argues that it has done everything it can. «The protocols are now available, as is the new version of Windows, which is now available to PC manufacturers,» said Dirk Delmartino, a spokesman for the company in Brussels.

The same official added, however, that the new version of Windows is not yet available in the consumer market because the Commission has not approved the name advanced by the giant of the software. The company announced its proposed amendment last December, according to which XP without Media Player would be renamed Windows XP Reduced Media Edition, but European competition authorities found the appellation unappealing (see Related News).

«We are open to any changes necessary to comply with the sanctions,» said Delmartino. The Commission has the power to fine the computer company up to five percent of its average daily turnover if it does not comply with European Union standards.

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