Órgão de padronização comercial na Europa quer proibir venda do 5GBioShield

commercial standardization agency in Europe wants to ban the sale of 5GBioShield

Even today, the World Connected reported the arrival of a new device called 5GBioShield that promises to create a pageroute against the magnetic field of 5G technology. Technology experts have examined the USB flash drive and concluded that it doesn't have any kind of different technology standard USB. That is, the gadget could not offer such promised security.


Device is on sale in Europe for 339 euros, about R $ 2,000

Now England's trade standards officials are trying to interrupt sales 5GBioShield. The device that promises to protect users from the "dangers of 5G" through the use of quantum technology is being sold in Europe for 339, about R $ 2,000 in current direct convert. Cybersecurity experts say this product a scam, and that is nothing more than a basic USB drive.

"We consider that a scam"Stephen Knight, director of operations for London Trading Standards, told the BBC website. According to the director, his commercial standardization team is working with city officials in London to remove 5GBioShield from the market. They are also looking for a court order for take down the company's website responsible for selling the device.

BioShield Distribution claimed BBC that the device was built with the help of "surveys", but did not respond to the latest inquiries from the website related to possible fraud.

5G is bad health? We talked to the deputy who wants to ban technology

According to the explanation of the new 5GBioShield, the pen drive has the ability to "harmonize all harmful frequencies for living beings" using "nano-layer quantum oscillation technology". Basically, the device promises to neutralize the negative effects of wave emission by laptops, cell phones, wireless electronics, internet and tablets by balancing the magnetic field around it.

Source: BBC. [TagsToTranslate] 5gbioshield