Commercial registration acts already cost half the price on the Internet

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As of today, companies that choose the Internet to perform commercial registration acts will benefit from reduced prices, compared to the traditional on-site alternative at conservatories.

The same price reduction takes effect for the constitution online of companies, whenever this results from the use of a pre-approved package (with regard to the name of the company).

According to the Decree-Law published today in Diário da República when carried out over the Internet, these types of operations start to cost about half of the value practiced in the conservatories.

For example, setting up a company online no longer costs 360 euros (plus stamp duty), but costs 180 euros. Likewise, the registration of appointment of governing bodies costs 150 euros at the conservatory and online costs 75 euros.

The realization online these acts can be made on the website of Empresa Online, which concentrates the business services already available through the Internet channel.

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