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Command to know when your Linux was installed

Do you remember when your system was installed? With a simple command you will find out!

When did you install your district?

In this Linux world where there are many distributions there are also various types of users, those who like to install a system and not reinstall again in a short time and opt for distros. Rolling releaseOther users prefer to always have the latest and install new systems on their computers, often for testing distributions.

Terminal Command

What we will show here is a command common to all Linux distributions that lets you check the day and time the system was installed on our computer.

ls -lct / etc | tail -1 | awk '{print $ 6, $ 7, $ 8}'

Paste it into the terminal and paste the result here, let's see who has the system installed the longest? As you can see in the image above, today, 27-08-13, not yet a month from this installation. How long has your reader been doing?

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