comedy miniseries with Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd, visual experience of Pearl Jam album and more

Apple TV +: comedy miniseries with Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd, visual experience of Pearl Jam album and more

Let’s go for another news round with news from Apple TV +? Come on.

“The Shrink Next Door”

To start with, Apple managed to attract two comedy heavyweights to its domains. The company announced this week that it acquired the rights to “The Shrink Next Door”, miniseries of humor that starring Will Ferrell (“The Anchor”) and Paul Rudd (“Ant-Man”), and directed by Michael Showalter (“Sick of Love”).

Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell in “The Anchor”

Based on the eponymous podcast, the miniseries will revolve around the relationship between Rudd’s character, a celebrity psychiatrist, and one of his patients, played by Ferrell. The production will have eight episodes – and, if the description of “miniseries” does not fool us, it will consist of a single season.

According to Apple itself, the acquisition of rights was carried out in a “highly competitive” situation – in other words, several networks were interested in production, but Apple prevailed. There is still no information on filming or release date, but it will certainly take a while to happen.

Visual experience of the new Pearl Jam album

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), many artists canceled their shows / tours or even new album releases. That was, for example, what happened with Pearl Jam. They had to postpone the world tour so much «Gigaton» as for “Gigaton – Visual Album Experience”, which would be released in theaters.

Pearl Jam's new album Gigaton

Due to the isolation scenario, the American rock band will now launch this visual musical experience on Apple TV +. The experience will be available for seven days (starting yesterday, 24/4) on the streaming Apple videos; afterwards, you will only be able to access the content by paying (either by buying or renting).

Pearl Jam released their long-awaited new album, «Gigaton». Her 11th album and the first in almost 7 years is already receiving praise from the mass critics as her biggest and most adventurous job to date. This immersive visual album combines the band’s inspired visuals with the scenes, produced by the award-winning Evolve Studios, to create an unrivaled 360º experience that enhances the enormous scope of «Gigaton». Mixed in the revolutionary immersive audio format Dolby Atmos, and alongside the high dynamic range video Dolby Vision, this visual experience is the first of its kind on Apple TV +. With this immersive audio experience, Pearl Jam fans will have the unique opportunity to hear the album in a completely different way. “I’m excited for fans to be able to immerse themselves in the sound and hear the depth and layers of these songs and performances,” explained the producer of «Gigaton», Josh Evans. «It is really a unique way to experience this album.»

If you are a fan of the band, be sure to check it out!

New video from «Home»

Meanwhile, Apple has posted a new behind-the-scenes video on its YouTube channel «Home», which explores interesting homes and housing projects around the world and analyzes the influence of each culture on the idea we have of “home”.

In the new video, we can see the research work of the series team, as well as the process of filming the houses highlighted in the first season. In addition, producers and directors give their testimonies about the creation of the episodes:

Pretty cool, isn’t it? The first episodes of «Home» are already available on Apple TV +.

New video from «Defending Jacob»

Finally, another video: in “Defending Jacob – Book to Screen”, Apple explores the process of adapting the book «Defending Jacob» in the Apple TV + eponymous series, starring Chris Evans («Captain America»), Michelle Dockery («Downton Abbey»), Jaeden Martell (“It: A Coisa”) and JK Simmons («Whiplash»):

«Defending Jacob» debuted yesterday on Apple TV +, with all its episodes already available. It is worth taking a chance.

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