Come use Ubuntu, oops! what? U-bun

By the name, I think many will even close the tab: Linux. But wait, he's grown up, and he's even more powerful.

Ubuntu Linux, popularly known as Ubuntu, a free open source operating system for everyone. It stands out for its speed, its agility for being Linux and its security. Ubuntu, in turn, is the most downloaded OS (Operating System) on Baixaki Linux (which is a reference site for those who have always used Windows) and other download sites that provide Linux support.

Ubuntu logo

But, come c, do you know Ubuntu?

Many still think that Linux is a "seven-headed" bug that no one can handle because it's complicated … But it's changed, it's easier, more powerful, easier. Ubuntu is an example of this.

Because Ubuntu Linux is fully customizable, you can leave it your way, your style, however you want, just want it. Did you know that the same programs you have on Ubuntu Linux have on Windows? Of course it won't be the same, but some work even better than under Windows.

Do you know MSN, Windows Live Messenger? The giant messenger of Windows has in Ubuntu, which will be called Emesene.

Emesene v.2.12.5

Emesene is an instant messenger created for those who have an MSN account and who use Linux, some for communicating with friends, and some for work. But that doesn't matter, what matters you already know is MSN for Ubuntu.

Do you know Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint? That's right, there is in Ubuntu! Which will be called LibreOffice. is a tool package just like Microsoft Office, which you can use to make spreadsheets, text, documents, and presentations.

LibreOffice 3 Writer (Word)

And you're asking if it is compatible with Microsoft Office, I tell you, yes, compatible with the giant of Microsoft.

LibreOffice 3 Calc (Excel)

LibreOffice is already installed on Ubuntu with a text editor, spreadsheet and the like by default, so you don't have to do anything to get it if you are installing Ubuntu Linux on your machine.

LibreOffice 3 Impress (PowerPoint)

As seen on some websites, Ubuntu has been sociable from the beginning. Do you know Google Talk, Google's instant messenger? There is in Ubuntu, which will be called Empathy. Empathy, in addition to having Google Talk, has Yahoo! Messenger, MySpace, AIM, and more, Facebook Chat, you can chat with your Facebook friends without being connected through your browser. Empathy is already installed on Ubuntu as instant messenger by default, so if you get Ubuntu you don't have to do anything to get the program. (Even new versions of Empathy support WLM, so you don't need to install emesene if you don't want to)

Empathy, and an example of how Ubuntu can be customized. (Image taken from Ubuntued)

Skype is also on Ubuntu, just go to the Skype website, download, open the file and install. (Even more so in stable release for Linux)

Skype Login Screen for Ubuntu, and one more example of how Ubuntu can be customized.

Ubuntu Linux has as its default browser, Mozilla Firefox (because it is made with the Linux platform). If you do not like Firefox, it is also available on the Google site, Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox on Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise Pangolin"

I use and recommend both because they are big competitors in Linux browsers.

Google Chrome on Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise Pangolin"

In addition to Firefox and Chrome, Opera is also available, which can also be downloaded from his website.

Opera on Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise Pangolin"

An Ubuntu resource for obtaining such programs is the Ubuntu Program Center, a program made especially for Ubuntu to obtain programs. It is already installed by default on Ubuntu. Emesene (quoted above) can be obtained by l, just search and click install. Central is subdivided into categories, so just open the Ubuntu Program Center, search, find the most accessible program, and click install, it's easy.

Ubuntu 12.04 Program Center "Precise Pangolin"

-T, but what if I can't install a program I want, and it's not available on any site, not even on the Ubuntu Program Center, what do I do?

Calm down, there's a solution, Wine (Wine Is Not a ANDmulator). Wine is a program made for Linux to run Windows programs (.EXE). Wine supports Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and even Counter Strike. Some programs will not run on Wine for lack of support, but some are few known. Wine can be obtained from the Ubuntu Program Center easily.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint running on Wine on Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise Pangolin" (Image taken from the blog Vincius Rodrigues)

Like on Windows, there's Command Prompt, on Ubuntu, there's Terminal. Terminal has many features in Linux, did you know that you can install programs with Terminal? Only possible on Linux.

Ubuntu Terminal 12.04 "Precise Pangolin"

Incidentally, using the terminal is totally unnecessary to the average user, but over time you find out how it works and feel even more comfortable using the terminal.