.com celebrates a quarter of a century


.com celebrates a quarter of a century

This Monday, 25 years ago, the main domain of the Internet found its first application. Although it is known that the first «.com» was assigned to Symbolics, some say that at first the intention was to create the domain name «.cor», for «corporation», but in the final version presented the popular «.com «, for» company «.

Initially the adherence to the suffix was not as fast as you might think. In the footsteps of the owner of the first domain, they only joined the .com with five other companies. This is because the Internet at the time was «made», essentially, by military, educational and government institutions.

Two and a half years later, there were less than 100 records on the network, but some of the computer giants, such as Intel, AT&T and IBM, already had their .com address.

The start-up proved to be slow, but if in 1992 there were about 15 thousand .com domain names registered, five years later the million mark was exceeded, so that in the following two years 20 million addresses with such termination were created.

In December 2009, according to VeriSign – the company that manages the registration of domains in .com -, there were close to 200 million registered Internet addresses in the world, more than 80 million with the suffix «.com». In addition to the millions of active sites, the 113 million that appeared and disappeared in the last 25 years should be noted.


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