Columbia University creates system to run iOS apps on Android

The Android operating system is so bad that even the iOS apps can run natively on a device running Google OS. This is what a group of developers at Columbia University has found. Although software is not available, Cycada runs iOS applications on Android smartphones and tablets.

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Ma apps can run natively on Android !! / AndroidPIT

It's common to see app articles starting with "finally, app X arrives for Android" or so "famous on iOS, app X arrives for Android", right? Unfortunately, developers give priority to the Apple platform when it comes to creating a mobile app. Whether for financial reasons or the ease of programming for a less fragmented system, this scenario may be about to change, as both applications can be used in cooperation.

Cycada is a system that allows the use of iOS applications on Android through a custom kernel and some changes to the operating system. According to the study, once the software is installed on your device, both Android and iOS applications can be used natively, as if they were designed to do so.

Cycada's first demo came in May, when university engineers were still calling the software Cider. But now the study has become a doctoral thesis and has been published.

Watch the video on YouTube.

Needless to say, no public code, and we may have nothing in this regard for a long time. Also, as one of the group members previously worked for Apple, it is quite possible that the company will make it difficult to release any software in this regard.

If anyone released Cycada code, would you use the program to run iOS apps on your Android? Which are? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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