COLT strengthens ITIJ’s access to the Internet in Legislative Assemblies

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

COLT and ITIJ – Institute of Information Technologies in Justice – signed a protocol by which the telecommunications operator will reinforce the Internet connection of that Institute during the legislative elections. In this way, greater bandwidth is guaranteed when accessing one of the official websites for publishing the results of the February 20 elections,

To reinforce the Internet connection, ITIJ will be connected to the COLT InterAcess service of the telecommunications operator, which ensures a permanent connection to COLT’s high capacity IP network. The information made available to the press did not refer to the bandwidth contracted for this service, but according to data from the COLT website it can vary between 64 kbps and Gigabit.

COLT provides telecommunications services to several public entities, including the Assembly of the Republic, the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Tourism. Adelino Santos, Managing Director of COLT Telecom Portugal said in a statement that “The Protocol with ITIJ reaffirms that COLT Telecom is a reference operator when it comes to providing broadband to public entities, due to its highly recognized quality and reliability. ”.

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