COLT advances in Porto and enters xDSL to cover medium-sized companies segment

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COLT Telecom announced today that since the beginning of the year it has been setting up operations in Porto, where it intends to develop a business strategy similar to that set up in the Lisbon area, where the English group’s subsidiary has been since 2001.

Adelino Santos, general director of COLT in Portugal, explained in a press conference that the company has planned for Porto an investment of 2.5 million euros, of which it has already invested one million, to offer an aggregate transmission capacity of up to 10Gb.

By the end of the year, Porto should account for 5% of the group’s turnover, added Adelino Santos.

The official said that in Porto COLT already has 12 clients, but he declined to advance forecasts until the end of the year, explaining that COLT intends to keep its focus on large clients, which limits its expansion base, but in return generates big deals, by volume.

To reach lower segments of the market, to medium-sized companies, COLT is entering xDSL, betting on an offer made from unbundled power stations, which allows it to reach new geographies, in addition to Lisbon and Porto, where it has infrastructure. own structure.

In this service the company guarantees that, although with lower bandwidths (up to 40Mbps), it will maintain a high level of service, without contention and with symmetrical and asymmetric options.

Without revealing results of the Portuguese operation, Adelino Santos said only that the subsidiary is profitable and within two to three years it will become a mature operation.

COLT has about 200 customers in Portugal and provides 98 percent of its business in its own fiber optic network.

Since 2001 the company has invested 45 million euros in Portugal.

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