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ColorDict Dictionary Wikipedia | AndroidPIT

You may be surfing the Internet, reading articles or breaking your head with your computer. Nowadays, as much as you have a computer in front of you, there will always be, at least in your pocket, a smartphone full of useful applications and tools. And if there is a dictionary missing between them, how about you install ColorDict Dictionary Wikipedia? Learn more about him in our review today.

Functions & Usage

The ColorDict Dictionary Wikipedia is a dictionary that works offline. The terms to be searched are displayed in different colors, which makes it easy for the user to distinguish everything. Among some dictionaries, it is even possible to hear the chosen words thanks to the Google vocal synthesis option.

You can select the order in which the available dictionaries are to be consulted thanks to a folder-like icon at the top left of the screen. To view your latest searches, simply click on the tab that refers to the app's history. Everything will appear chronologically, alphabetically or according to how many times a certain term has been searched.

Conclusion:ColorDict is a very practical tool for users who are looking for certain accuracy in different languages ​​or even in their native language. The app works great.

Screen & Controls

Using ColorDict Dictionary Wikipedia is very intuitive. One has the impression that one is facing an app that has been known for a long time. When starting the app, a keyboard and a search bar are displayed. You can view everything in landscape mode. The criticism that we have to do has to do with the installation of dictionaries, which is not that simple. You must click a button on the start screen and you will be taken to a list of dictionaries in the Play Store. Choose the language to install and download it. For the dictionary to be integrated with the app, you must restart it.

Speed ​​& Stability

The ColorDict Dictionary Wikipedia works fine after it is installed. We did not notice any crash issues during our tests.

Price / Performance Ratio

ColorDict Dictionary Wikipedia and its dictionaries are freely available for download from the Google Play Store. Banner ads are fired as soon as an Internet connection is detected.