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Color Flash Launcher – What is it for? Functions, How to Download, Advantages and Disadvantages

Do you like to make your mobile device look different and especially colorful? Prefer several wallpaper and theme options as well as call screen themes? Then you need to know an application in specific.

This app is the Color Flash Launcher available for Android.

Know its features, how to use it, download it safely and if there are disadvantages of use.

What is Color Flash Launcher for?

Color Flash Launcher

Color Flash Launcher is a lightweight application of approximately 33 MB that has a number of interesting features for those looking to provide more screen color from mobile devices running Android operating system.

Color Flash Launcher Features

  • 3D transition effect,
  • Opposite thousands of emojis and stickers,
  • Dynamic and colorful themes,
  • Call screen themes to give your phone more style,
  • Various types of wallpapers, both animated and 3D.

In addition to these possibilities, the Color Flash Launcher app allows you to block apps that might invade your privacy.

Another function is to hide apps from the home screen, especially if they are unused programs that only take up space.

For those who like system-optimizing applications, the ideal Color Flash Launcher: it removes junk files and cleans up unwanted notifications!

In the tools and plug-ins category, Color Flash Launcher comes with:

  • Notification toolbar for easy access to tools;
  • Search bar with direct Google search engine;
  • Flashlight;
  • Weather: weather forecast;
  • Widgets: quick input on startup and system widget.

To manage the home screen, Color Flash Launcher lets you view the number of unread messages, manage screen order, organize applications that have similar functions for the same folders, font and icon style adjustment, and quick access. to the most common resources.

If your intention is to spend time having fun, the app has over 20 H5 online games for you!

Color Flash Launcher

How to download and use Color Flash Launcher?

To download Color Flash Launcher, you need to go to Google Play (official app store) from your mobile device.

Remember that the application is only available for Android, so users of iPhones, for example, can not make use of such a program.

In Google Play, search for the name Color Flash Launcher and click on the correct program that appears in the listing.

Color Flash LauncherThen just tap Install, accept the requirements, and wait for the download to finish. The program requires Android 4.1 and higher.

Because it takes up little space, Color Flash Launcher quickly installs on your device. When this happens, find the cone on the home screen of your phone or tablet to start using the app!

On the Color Flash Launcher application home page, there is a bottom menu with options you want to change on your device, such as Themes (Themes), Wallpapers (Wallpapers) and Keyboard (Keyboard).

Within each menu option, you have the new, most popular and categories. Search for the preferred theme, wallpaper or keyboard through these tabs.

Choose the one that best fits your personality, yet at the same time convenient and attractive.

Note that you will find free and paid downloads in the app, so if you want to purchase one, go to your account details to make the payment.

To view your profile, tap Me, also located in the bottom menu. Here you can change your settings and find more features of Color Flash Launcher.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you like to renew your phone or tablet using an app, Color Flash Launcher is for you.

The tool has so many themes, wallpapers, icons and emojis, among other customization possibilities for the device that it will completely transform.

Something that can be disadvantageous for many users is the lack of the Portuguese language. You can use Color Flash Launcher in English without problems, as it is not a very technical language.

These types of applications also have another disadvantage: the possibility of increasing battery consumption because of the amount of ads you have.