Colombian government presented to Magalhães

Colombian government presented to Magalhães

This Wednesday, several members of the Colombian Government were in Portugal to learn about the Magalhães project.

The delegation was accompanied by officials from Microsoft and JP Sá Couto and the «points of interest» included a visit to the factory where the small laptop is produced, in Perafita, and to EB1 in Cedro, in Vila Nova de Gaia

At the school, the Colombian delegation had «the opportunity to have close contact with students and teachers who already use the laptop», says JP Sá Couto in a statement sent to the press.

This is not the first time that Portugal has embraced «foreign interest» around the e-school program.

In June, several Swedish mayors visited Portuguese schools in a delegation that was impressed with the use of technologies in Portuguese classrooms, namely with the Magalhães computer.

In addition to travel to Portugal, it is also common for members of the Portuguese Government to carry pertussis with them when they travel abroad on official visits.