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Collector imagines old Apple products that never existed

Here in the MacMagazine, we often highlight interesting product concepts that Apple should release in the near future, or mind-boggling ideas from devices that are still far from Ma. The developer?s work Dana Sibera, on the other hand, something that no one has ever seen and possibly never see again.

Dana, a collector of old Apple devices with more than 60 products from Ma, decided to take advantage of the quarantine to embark on a really fun project: imagine Macs and other old equipment from the company that never existed.

Performing his work entirely in Photoshop, Sibera took inspiration from real Apple products in the 1980s / 90s and created new iterations from them sometimes, joining elements of the time with current concepts or elements, such as this ?mixture? of PowerBook 100 like MacBook Air, turning the macOS Catalina:

Sibera, who has gained hundreds of followers on Twitter over the past few weeks because of his work, told the 9to5Mac that people's interest comes from the fact that, well, the 1980s were crazy to the world of personal computing: each manufacturer tested the most delusional designs in search of the next boom more or less like cell phones in the early years of the century.

Sibera's work, therefore, is a way of imagining alternatives that Apple engineers may have even thought of, at one time or another. See how the developer imagined a lost predecessor to Mac mini:

She also created a complete pamphlet for the launch of the ?PowerPod 500?, a kind of hybrid between a Apple Newton, one iPhone it is a PowerBook:

What to say, then, of iMac with very current design, but with CRT screen?

Or, even, an updated version of Apple Workgroup Server 95 with the lines (and materials) of the current Mac Pro entitled to a Pro XDR Display to call yours?

For those who are having fun with their creations, be sure to check out this ?Twitter Moment?, created by Michael Steeber, bringing all of Sibera's creations together in one place. It is also possible to follow the developer on the bird's social network for future updates on her expertise in Photoshop.