Collaborative app shows you where to buy cheaper beer near you

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You decide to have that weekend barbecue with friends or get the people together to watch all the games in Brazil together. Where to buy beer? And how do you know where to pay less for it, to earn more?

A new Brazilian application aims to facilitate this for you, indicating where to buy the beer at a lower price in your region.

THE Easybeer is a collaborative application that aims to list the price of beers in the markets and distributors closest to you. With the collaboration of the users themselves, who inform the price of beers in different locations, it is possible to know where to go to buy the drink at a lower price.

You can determine the range to be shown, with distances ranging from 5km to 30km. You can also mark your favorite brands, for an even more accurate result. And you still get to know all the information about them, to deepen your ethyl knowledge and take a wave with friends.

Easybeer2 Easybeer3

For being collaborative, it may be that in your region you still do not present so much information. But start by filling the app database yourself, to attract more people and encourage the growth of the community in your city. ?

THE Easybeer is free (link) and for now it is exclusive to the App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad.

* Note: Never let alcohol spoil your enjoyment. Enjoy with moderation