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Colab: app allows citizens to oversee and propose improvements to the city

Colab is a social network that encourages citizenship by allowing citizens to report irregularities in their cities, propose improvements and evaluate various areas. The idea of ​​the collaborative app is to send these complaints and proposals to local authorities for action to be taken.

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Collaborative App Sends Citizen Denunciations to the Public Power /
<p>Colab has already completed one year and celebrates significant numbers: there are more than 7,000 inspections and 1,600 solutions proposals for more than 1,200 Brazilian cities, which corresponds to more than 20% of the national territory. The app won last year the award for Best Urban App in the World for its New Cities franchise foundation.</p><div class=

The idea came up in Recife and the Pernambuco capital that leads, with 44%, the number of Colab users. In partnership with city halls, the idea of ​​the app is to organize complaints and proposals and take them straight to city halls. Curitiba was the first Brazilian city to officialize the use of Colab as a relationship channel with the population. That is why the capital of ParanΓ‘ has a large number of users, as well as So Paulo and Sorocaba, for example.

Among the problems most pointed out by the application, urban mobility continues to be the champion among the more than 50 thousand users registered in the platform: they are holes in public roads, parking and irregular sidewalks, among other complaints. To support a report, just double click on the photo. When viewing the map, the app identifies the user's location and shows the issues pointed out by other users around them.

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Colab has 50 thousand registered users / Colab
<p>"This first year of showed how much the Brazilian people feel the need to better dialogue with the public power. The fact that we make this bridge made thousands of people participate and help make better cities," says Gustavo Maia, one of the founders of the company.</p><div class='code-block code-block-4' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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About new features, Gustavo ensures that several changes are planned, both in the web version as in Android and iOS apps. Some of them suggest that as the number of users grows, the app is increasingly focusing on its social networking vision for citizenship. Some of these changes are:

Have you used the app to propose improvements for your city? It is possible that when you download Colab you may not see many posts for living in an area where the app does not have many users yet. But that's the idea of ​​a collaborative app like this one, each one doing their part. How about making the first post and telling us what you think? You can use Colab from the web and download the Android app from the button below.

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