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Coin Dozer | AndroidPIT

The old coin-winning games are back on smartphones. And one of the most interesting apps of its kind is called Coin Dozer. For the nostalgic, Coin Dozer proposes a game in the old style. I mean, like in the old games of winning coins. If the game can conquer even the nostalgic what we want to show today with our review. Therefore, accompany us.

Functions & Usage

The principle of Coin Dozer has long been known: tossing a coin into a container where there are other coins. Depending on how your currency is positioned within the sets of the other currencies, yours and the others fall and are all yours. It all sounds very simple, but as you know, these coin machines fool the players. And when it seemed that coins would surely fall from the machine, one has the greatest disappointment.

At first the player has between 45 and 75 coins. It is not so easy at first to position the coins to be able to win others. That is, the player must try a lot and get used to get the first results. Best of all, if it were just coins to win, the game would become super boring. the developers thought about it and gave other options:

  • 6 special coins
  • Shake
  • A system of awards
  • Surprises during the game

Special coins give a number of bonuses and perks to the player, preventing them from falling down the sides of the machine. The prizes, as usual, are bears, glasses or jewelry, which can be withdrawn or exchanged for coins. Most interesting of all are the surprises. At any time, prizes can "rain": special coins or myriads of coins. This ensures a constant variety to the game. This makes the player want to continue, since surprise surprise.

Everything blocked, no what to do? Just use the alternative called Shake. Are the coins gone? New coins are generated after 30 seconds. Of course there is the possibility to buy coins or install other apps that guarantee you coins for free.

Coin Dozer is certainly a lot of fun. The danger lies in the fact that one can be mesmerized in the game, meaning losing a lot of time. Anyway, a game we recommend.

Screen & Controls

Graphically, the Coin Dozer very well done. The idea that the original game has is also in its graphic design. This we can state. The controls are very intuitive and you don't need any special skills to play the app. The prize screen has a problem, as it does not respond well to the player's finger movements, but the app is no longer very good.

Speed ​​& Stability

Coin Dozer works smoothly and without major problems. The app loads fast and objects move harmoniously on the screen. Sometimes there is a certain slowness, but they are not problematic for the progress of the game.

Price / Performance Ratio

Coin Dozer can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or the AndroidPIT App Center.