codenames for the company’s “secret” buildings refer to Greek mythology

“Apple Car”: codenames for the company's “secret” buildings refer to Greek mythology

Since we started hearing rumors about the «Project Titan», there is not much official information (only indications in some speeches from the Apple CEO). Even so, we insist on addressing the rumors to satisfy our thirst for something new about the rumored ?Apple Car?.

A news released by Silicon Valley Business Journal suggests that several buildings located in California would be receiving codenames according to Greek gods and, therefore, would house the «Project Titan».

The names contained in city documents reveal that one of the buildings located in Sunnyvale (the largest one) was called Rhea (Reia, the Tit daughter of Uranus and Gaia; me of Zeus in Greek mythology). In February of this year, there was a buzz about this building because its security had been strengthened and the loud noise coming out of it resembled that of engines. Another indication is the appearance of vocabulary linked to automobiles, such as ?tire changer?, ?wheel balancer?, among others.

Still in family, Zeus it would be the code name for a building located in San Jose. With 26,941 square meters, the site would be a ?permanent laboratory? with 15 employees. The researches that take place there are certainly of great importance, as a black plastic-coated fence will be placed around it so that no one can see its interior. Zeus’ daughter, Athena (Athena), was also found naming another building, but there is still no information about its function. Other quotes suggest the name Pgasus to a testing room and mechanical equipment rooms. Back in Sunnyvale, the last building with references to Greek mythology called Jellyfish. This would be responsible for the production, research and design part, containing painting booths, machine rooms and also a place for tests.

Finally, the other constructions mentioned in the Silicon Valley Business Journal they do not have codenames linked to Greek mythology. A call Magnolia, have an air exhaust machine widely used in the production of cars. Another, which has industrial use, called Corvinus. Lastly, Aria the name suggested for the building which will have ?impulse tools? (?Stepper?) installed.

They are mere curiosities, of course, but interesting. ?

(via MacRumors)