“Code Together” – SUSE creates parody of the Beatles classic


If there’s one thing I really like about SUSE, it’s marketing! They know how to do it very well, or at least in a way that I like. Creating musical parodies to promote Linux and its services is nothing new, but the open source world giant is now parodying music classics!

As I mentioned, this is not SUSE’s first parody of famous songs, who remembers the parodies with the songs “Sugar” and “Uptown Funk”, or that even more absurd parody of «What does the Fox say?»?

The guys are getting experienced in this huh !?

The new parody goes straight to one of the classics composed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, “Come Together”, which you can hear here, besides the parody of the lyrics, the SUSE version got a different arrangement, with some some heavier guitars compared to the Beatles version, check out the video now, the lyrics are below too:

Here come Chameleon

He see stereoscopic

He see stereoscopic

He got open source code

He one holy coder

He got a tail down below his knees

Administers his systems

Man, it feels like a breeze

He got no lock-in

He got open stack cloud

He got linux mainframe

He use YaST and Kiwi

He say I know Perl, you know Ruby

One thing I can tell you is

You got to be Free

Code together, right now

We’re all free

He’s in production

He got massive up time

He use open standards

He one elite hacker

He got software defined storage

According to top, yeah,

You got so much RAM free

Code together, right now

We’re all free

He on the mainframe

He got desktop powers

He rules Top 500

He one real bad mother

He say one and one is seventeen

Got to be good looking

Cause he’s so good with C

Code together, right now

We’re all free

Code together, yeah

Code together, yeah

Ah! This “zueira” mixed with marketing fits like a glove, right? ?

To the next!