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Code error on iOS version of Facebook prevents applications like Spotify and TikTok from working

The popular website that records service and application failures, Down Detector, has been inundated with complaints from several popular iOS apps that have stopped working or are having problems with use since this Wednesday, including Spotify, TikTok, SoundCloud , The New York Times, Pinterest, Waze, Tinder, and more. But the fault is not with the respective apps, but with Facebook's authentication system for Apple devices.

The situation was reported on the Github producer community portal, where it is said that the problem is related to an update to Facebook's development software (SDK) linked to user authentication. Some producers say that their application is always blocking on public servers, others mention that the app stops working, with or without Facebook authentication. Another user reports that he was unable to run a new installation of Spotify, even without connecting.

According to Business Insider, a Facebook employee reported that the problem had already been fixed, although it took some time to take effect. The company later took the blame, explaining that a new version of Facebook included a change that led to problems accessing some applications based on the iOS SDK and that this conflicting feature was turned off.

However, even though they are relieved by the lack of source that affected the functioning of apps, programmers continue to report errors in their applications. How long should we consider it normal to wait? We still have problems with our application, wrote one of the users of GitHub.