Cobrinha came to Android

Last week Rumilus Design announced it was developing the game Snake rewind, an updated version of the famous Snake Game Nokia phones from the beginning of the century, for Android. Today the game made her Play Store debut.

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Already available for download. / Rumilus Design

The new version of Cobrinha game is very faithful original, with the difference that now, to control the snake, it is necessary to touch or slide your finger directly on the screen. Touch control can be a bit confusing as I need to touch around the snake to change direction, which requires the player to constantly move his finger over the screen. The control by swipe It seems simpler and easier, but in the end it's a matter of preference.

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Special powers and misses. / ANDROIDPIT

Snake Rewind is a rereading of a classic, so the developers decided to keep the soul of the game (eat the fruits on a 2D field) and add game ringtones mobile modern (misses, connect to Facebook, buy boosters and other items). Purchases are made with the basic green fruits, ie you can only accumulate them by playing normally, or you can buy fruit packs; The most expensive one costs $ 75.91 and comes with 400,000 fruits.

snake rewind sshot2
Two control options and an item store. / ANDROIDPIT

The new version of the Cobra Game is quite interesting, as the studio has managed to maintain the original spirit of simplicity and light obsession of the 90/2000 game. Unfortunately, all innovations are exactly the ones that annoy us. games Modern For those who were very fond of the original game, it is worth downloading; Those who didn't know might be disappointed by his simplicity.

As expected, the Snake Rewind runs smooth without lags or lockups. Occupies at least 26MB and requires Android 4.0. It is available for free on the Play Store and supports two languages: English and Finnish.

What did you think of Snake Rewind?

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