CNH Digital arrives in DF and can already be used by over 200 thousand drivers; app is available [atualizado]

I dream of a future in which portfolios are obsolete objects: they are trambolhudas (even with all our efforts to reduce them), bother in the pocket and seem to have a particular propensity to get lost from their owners.

The first fundamental part of a portfolio is to store metric units so that we can exchange them for goods and services is gradually being replaced by electronic payment systems, such as Apple Pay. The second to keep documents is also seeing one of its first initiatives.

I say this because the Denatran, amazingly, he left in front of all the traffic organs in the world by creating a digital version of the National Driver's License (CNH) soon to be able to be used by all drivers in Brazil. The initial testing phase of the program started in the state of Gois and now it expands to the Federal District, where over 200,000 people qualified to drive will be able to dispense with the paper document and use only its digital version, which has the same legal value.

Digital Traffic Wallet app icon

The number of 200,000 drivers to which I referred above, in this case, corresponds to the number of drivers who have the new CNH, already with a QR code printed on the inside of it, to have the document in this mandatory model to access its digital version. For those who still have the old version of the wallet and it will take a while until they need to renew it, it is possible to request a duplicate of the document through the website of the DMV of your state or in person, for the cost of R $ 95.

Those who already have their wallets with QR code will need to register at the Denatran Service Portal and go to the Detran agency where the CNH was issued, to confirm the data (the agency in each state will determine whether this service will be charged or no) or do this through a digital certificate, which I pay for. Then, simply access the application with your account, provide an activation code sent by Denatran and create a four-digit password for access. Not the simplest of processes, but at least it exists.

For security, CNH Digital data is always linked to only one device; in case you change your smartphone or it is stolen, it is necessary to request the blocking / transfer of data to the new device through the Denatran website.

The application CNH Digital is already available for free on the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android). Is anyone already using the novelty? Leave your experiences below, in the comments.

tip from Matt Cardoso

Update by Eduardo Marques 01/31/2018 s 15:29

According to the B9, the National Electronic Driver's License (CNH-e) was to reach all Brazilian states on February 1 (tomorrow). However, the Ministry of Cities and Denatran announced that the new deadline for all states to offer digital CNH now July 1st.

According to the authorities, the change was necessary because few states were prepared to offer the service to drivers less than half of them had started issuing the CNH-e (So Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, for example, still do not offer the option). The new date for the implementation of the digital CNH in Brazil cannot be extended again.