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CNBC exaggerates: PC users need to pay another $ 600 to be able to match a Mac

I know that, as a fanatic about Apple and its products that I am, I see many aspects of the company in a more positive and advantageous way than either one or the other. However, even with my passion for the brand I have my feet on the ground regarding its defects and faults, in addition to recognizing the areas where a conventional Windows PC does better.

I understand that reporter Jim Goldman of CNBC be more or less like me, but, to begin with, he doesn't write a blog. Second, it seems to me that there is not much property to talk about the thing, because to say that Adobe Photoshop comes embedded in Macs was a bit too much even though it may have been confused with iPhoto, which is somewhat unacceptable. Not so long ago that there was a huge fight between him and the Fake Steve Jobs; I think this was another request to be detonated in a national chain.

In his analysis of the recent fight between Apple and Microsoft, Jim considers that the so-called "Apple Tax" is not as absurd as the Redmond giant says, and that a PC user needs to spend at least an additional $ 600 (in addition to the machine price ) to get a comparable Mac experience.

The discussion is certainly very good, but it was definitely not necessary.