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Cloudflare releases its VPN service for free

Company releases its free VPN service for general users with a delay.

One of the most important companies for the operation of the internet has finally launched the long awaited free VPN service. THE Warp it's the Warp +.

Cloudflare releases its VPN service for free.

The service was announced in April this year (2019) and promised that it would be released and operational as early as June. But by the carriage floor, the plans didn't work out very well.

This was due to some factors, such as the release of iOS 12.2, which eventually changed some parameters in connectivity and thus caused difficulties in the operation of the VPN tool. Another factor was the high demand that Cloudflare received, there were about 2 million people signing up to test the tool during the pre-launch phase.

One last factor that made the release postponed was when they put Warp to work in the real world. When they started testing VPN, the initial tests were restricted to the telecom network they used and the devices they used, which were mostly stationary or not moving much. Very different from the real world, where they came across various handset models, various types of carrier infrastructure, variety of operating systems. This led the Cloudflare team to rethink the whole strategy of how to offer the VPN. Warp has two versions, one free and one paid. The paid version (Warp +) costs $ 4.99 or $ 7.99 on some Android devices, but in most cases the price is $ 19.90 per month. In the paid version, to ensure a faster VPN, the base of the Argo virtual backbone is used, without opening the encryption.

In order to promote Warp, Cloudflare is giving 1GB on Warp + (Plus) to each friend you refer and install the service. If your friend nominates a person and they sign up for the service, they will also get 1GB for free. For those who registered in the pre-launch phase, will earn 10GB in Warp +.

To check out the full post, just access it here. To use Warp on your Smartphone, you choose the Android or iOS version. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

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