Cloudflare DNS now has built-in VPN and promises to speed up your browsing

Cloudflare DNS now has built-in VPN and promises to speed up your browsing

At the end of last year, the Cloudflare attracted praise from netizens around the world for bringing their own DNS service, the, iPhones and Android smartphones from around the world with a simple and reliable app. Now the app is getting even more useful: the company has announced that in its new version it is taking its technology Warp VPN service.

According to Cloudflare, Warp “is a VPN for those who don't know what VPN”. That is, you simply turn on the service in the app and can use your smartphone again with the peace of mind knowing that your browsing is protected through a virtual private network. The company service automatically encrypts all your data, which makes the entire process even more secure, and the company guarantees not to store these records.

Most striking about Warp technology, however, is that it promises to be even faster than its traditional navigation. Typically, VPN services act almost like a chained stone around your ankle, slowing your connection and draining more battery. According to Cloudflare, however, this is not the case here: as had already done, the promise to make the connection even faster through the company's DNS, requiring as little battery power as possible.

It is good to note that Warp does not offer some popular options for paid VPN services, such as the option to choose the location of your private network ie if your idea is to access Netflix from other countries, for example, this is not the app for you for iOS and Android has already been updated with Warp support, but for now, anyone interested needs to be on a waiting list to catch up. Cloudflare will soon release a paid version of the feature, called Warp +, which will make subscriber browsing even faster, but this news will be for a while, according to the company.

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