Cloudflare Brings Your Fast / Secure DNS to iOS

We have already explained here the benefits of using a good DNS To surf the internet if you have not read it, I highly recommend.

On Mac, you make this switch in System Preferences, and the change is valid for any Wi-Fi network you connect to; On iPhone / iPad, however, you have to manually make the change on all Wi-Fi networks you connect to. But Cloudflare solved it in a simple way.

Cloudflare, if you don't know, is a company that provides a content distribution network, Internet security services, and distributed domain name server services. She recently launched her own DNS service and multiple tests indicate that it is the fastest on the planet today.

App Icon Faster Internet

Because the company has launched an app that basically eliminates the need for you to manually configure their DNS on every Wi-Fi network you connect to. That's right: just download the app, activate it and you're ready to be surfing more protected and faster!

The free app is available for both iOS and Android; I particularly recommend it highly! 😉