ClearOS – A system for you to replace Microsoft Active Directory

Here's a tip that can save you a little bit of Microsoft Active Directory licenses, do you already know ClearOS?


A distro for your server

Linux has something intrinsic to its existence that is to cater to specific audiences, there are distributions to cater for every specific sector you can imagine and perhaps even sectors you cannot imagine.

One of the places that Linux is most recognized precisely on servers, so today you saw ClearOS.

ClearOS – your server for homes and midsize businesses

ClearOS is a CentOS based system, which in turn derives from Red Hat, both very popular in the server world, as differentials it provides a simple and elegant graphical interface to make the necessary configurations.

The operating system comes with a number of standard tools such as anti-virus, anti-spam, VPN, content filtering, bandwidth manager, file services, SMTP services, print services, SSL certification, and web services, With the Samba4 implementation now possible to work with Active Directory, ClearOS also includes a marketplace that simplifies software installation, including modules and packages to enable various types of services.

The distribution provided as a free download, including basic OS updates with free registration, for those who wish, there is also the possibility to purchase official support for the system and even hardware with the same preinstalled.

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