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Claro representative says eSIM will replace SIM chip soon

The eSIM chip is similar to the mobile phone chip we know today, but it is also a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM), the difference being that it is even smaller and built into the device during manufacture. There are some devices with technology today, examples are: Galaxy Watch, iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, Apple Watch Series 3, Google Pixel 3, 3 XL.

Even though it is not so popular, it seems to be becoming an inevitable trend. Well, at least what it says Leonardo Contrucci, Innovation Director of Claro, one of the pioneer companies in the adoption of eSIM in Brazil. According to him, during the Live Screen Mobile event, the arrival of eSIM means the end of SIM cards.


New chip smaller than current, cannot be replaced and safer for handsets

Now, to switch carriers, you need to switch chips and then sign a plan with the desired carrier, with eSIM, you just have to choose the service and start using it. If the user no longer wants to use the package offered, they can simply cancel and sign with another company. ESIM allows the user to register different networks.

And from a business point of view, it allows Claro and other operators in Brazil to offer different types of services in addition to a number of advantages, listed by Claro's representative: process simplification, reduction of logistics costs, possibility of launching new services, more durability. According to him, this generates new business for operators, as they can offer more than one line to the same person and come up with other sales strategies.

Meet eSIM, a new SIM card that's a third the size of its predecessor

The biggest concern of users on the subject, the exchange of handsets, what to do if you need to change smartphones? In fact, the chip will not be yours, but the plan that you sign with the carrier is yes, that way you will be associated through a registration and not a physical piece, allowing you to continue to use the service without changing a device. problems. The chip will only be responsible for the basic registration features in the network and will not be its representative on it.

In this article we explain what eSIM is by commenting on some more features of it.

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