contador web Skip to content returns to air under Systemax's command, after the company's bankruptcy

Nelson Biagio Junior and I wrote a few months ago about the bankruptcy of the Circuit City store chain, which competed directly with Best Buynos United States and did not resist the effects of the global crisis at the end of 2008. However, the brand still remains solid and strong around there, especially on the internet, where it has achieved the greatest sales success in its six decades of history. With that in mind, Systemax decided to shell out $ 6 million in cash to acquire the rights to the brand and domains of the old Circuit City, in order to reopen its website and keep the brand alive on the Internet.

On the announcement page of the acquisition, it is possible to check some more details of the novelty. The website will basically be a sales channel for computer, electronics and games products, with the promise of more items for selection and lower prices. S na home, I already found almost a dozen discounted items …

Obviously, this does not mean that the shopping channel will return to the USA, but for those who had some faith in buying over there at, it may be a consolation to have the site back. The fall of Circuit City sent more than 30,000 people to the street in the land of Uncle Sam, but the retailer remains alive in Canada, with 765 stores in operation.

(Via: Engadget.)