Cinnamon 1.6 to be released soon

Clement Lefebvre Announces New Cinnamon Release Coming Soon With Considerable Improvements

For Linux Mint fans or simply Cinnamon users can celebrate as soon a new version of the Gnome-Shell graphic fork environment will be released; at least that's what published Linux Mint founder and leader Clement Lefebvre. Cinamon is in stable version 1.4, but version 1.5.3 can be found on GitHub for anyone who wants to download and compile. Linux-Mint-cinnamon

Among the expected changes for the future version are the reduction of the project's source code, according to Clement, many new lines of code were included but were taken almost twice making the code cleaner and less buggy, another interesting factor and It's worth noting that Cinnamon is now 2D and runs on computers that don't have graphic acceleration.

Good news =]

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