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Cielo Super Link Helps Entrepreneur Sell More | E-commerce

The diversity of means of payment is one of the pillars of the expansion of small and medium businesses in e-commerce. They now account for 30% of the annual volume of electronic sales in the country, which this year should reach $ 79.9 billion.

A pioneer, Cielo responded by presenting one of the most democratic tools ever created by the industry: Cielo Super Link, a sales tool that allows you to send an online charge via email, WhatsApp or any social network you don't even have to rely on. own virtual store.

Payment by Cielo link Photo: Cielo / DivulgaoPayment by Cielo link Photo: Cielo / Divulgao

Payment by Cielo link Photo: Cielo / Divulgao

In addition, Cielo Super Link is a simple and efficient way to get where the machine doesn't go. By clicking on the link, the consumer directed to Cielo's environment, enters their data and completes the purchase in a few minutes, with total security, in a reliable site. And you can choose to pay in debit, credit or installment up to 12 times.

One of the users of the facility Nadine Muckdosse, of Madame Nana, women's fashion brand from So Paulo (SP) with presence on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, which uses Cielo Super Link to sell their pieces through WhatsApp. too fast and super transparent, she says.

The adhesion of Brazilians to social networks and the smartphone contributes to boost the business of entrepreneurs. According to the CloudCommerce Survey Annual E-Commerce Report, in its fourth edition, 2018 data showed that sales through social networks accounted for 21% of total transactions last year.

Instagram was the biggest sales champion with 59% of transactions, while Facebook accounted for 37%, YouTube for 3% and Pinterest for 1%. In addition, last year, 53.8% of transactions recorded by the survey were conducted via mobile.

Who wants to take advantage of these natural candidate job trends of Cielo Super Link. Your adoption requires only three steps: registration through the Cielo website, link generation and receipt of the sale. Link and sale information can also be entered via email, directly into the WhatsApp conversation today the largest source of link sending or mobile message (SMS). Who uses Facebook as a selling space can send the link to their customers in comments or inbox. On Instagram, by direct or via comments.

The different membership plans offered by Cielo make life even easier for the entrepreneur. For added security, transactions employ the Cielo neural intelligence, which already bars a significant number of fraud-prone transactions. The interested party can opt for the package free of adhesion, monthly fee or formats: Initial, with monthly fee of R $ 24,90 and entitled to 25 anti-fraud consultations and issuance of five slips; Special, for R $ 49,90 per month, with 60 anti-fraud consultations and 20 slips; and Mega, for R $ 69.00 per month, with 100 anti-fraud consultations and 30 slips.