Chronus: CyanogenMod's Clock, Time and Calendar Widget Now on Play Store

Chronus: CyanogenMod's Clock, Time and Calendar Widget Now on Play Store

Chronus is the three-in-one widget from CyanogenMod: clock, time and calendar, which can also be used directly on the lock screen. The most popular Android ROM developer team has made the software available on the Play Store and now users running Android 4.1 or higher already have one more item customizable to their devices.

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The CyanogenMod widget now without root for your device! / AndroidPIT
<p>Like every widget, after installation you will need to manually add it to the home screen (Android 4.1+) or lock screen (Android 4.2+). After that, you can configure the functions at three different levels: clock and alarm, weather panel and calendar events.</p>
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Developers also work on a Pro version of the widget, so don't expect too complex features in the free app. Thus, the standard version is functionally equivalent to the CyanogenMod clock widget in CM10.2 with additional support for older versions of Android.

What you should know about Chronus:

  • Support for Android 4.1 and higher;
  • Supports adding widget on home screen (Android 4.1+) or lock screen (Android 4.2+) or both;
  • Analogue or digital clock;
  • Option to show Alarms;
  • Change between bold and normal for digital clock, dates and alarm: an even bigger dash of customization;
  • Time panel synchronized with Yahoo! Time;
  • weather icon in color or monochrome;
  • Calendar panel with scrolling list for upcoming events;
  • One tap on the event opens the selected event calendar;
  • A tap on the calendar opens the same today;
  • Widget configuration when added in app drawer
Chronus home screen

Chronus is elegant and quite functional as it combines three pieces of information in one place. However, I have been using the widget a few hours ago and I can say that it still does not work perfectly. In the description of the software itself in the Google Play Store there are references to some problems related to its installation. Now if you want to count on the possibilities of Chronus, visit the link below:

Chronus: Home & Lock Widget

Anyway, the idea of ​​making available a widget developed by CM is always welcome, because users without administrative access to their devices may have the sweet taste of ROM. If you installed Chronus, please let us know more about what you think of the widget in the comments below.

Updated at 4:30 pm (Brasilia Time) “I couldn't contain the excitement when I saw Chronus's nightlife, I had to share. I've been walking a long time with the HTC Sense 5 weather widget that I just forgot how creative developers can be:

Chronus CM widget

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