Chrome Web Store: Google’s Web Apps store

In addition to announcing big news for Google Chrome, the Mountain View giant has also opened the doors of Chrome Web Store, the app store for the Chrome browser and the Chrome OS operating system.

Announced in May, the Google Chrome Web Store was developed to bundle web-facing applications and provide easy access for users. Developers can also sell their applications through the platform, similar to how the Android Market works.

Like extensions, Apps can also be synchronized with the user’s account and opened on any other computer. In this way, Google reinforces the idea that Chrome will always present the same experience and interface anywhere.

After installing an App, the user can view his collection of applications on the “new page tab”. If you have a need to leave an exclusive tab for an App, just select “open as marked tab” in the settings for each application.

According to Google, the Google Chrome Web Store currently has 500 applications available, including some products like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Reader, Picnik and Calendar.