Chrome sync bookmarks

Chrome sync bookmarks

Google on Monday released a new DEV version Google Chrome that implements a preview of the expected bookmark sync functionality for the company’s computing cloud.

“This new feature reproduces an easy way to sync the same series of bookmarks across all of your computers, and stores your content within Google Docs for easy access,” explained Tim Steele, Software Engineer.

To activate the functionality, Google Chrome must be run with an additional parameter (–enable-sync) within the standard path in the program’s shortcut. Once configured in the wrench menu, Chrome will send and store bookmarks within the user’s Google Account.


The company also warns that any changes made to any of the computers, whether adding a new favorite or changing existing ones, all changes will be reflected in the cloud and made available to computers with bookmark sync enabled (thanks to Google Talk’s XMPP technology) .

Although the synchronization system has an initial focus on storing favorites, the Mountain View firm hopes to expand the project to other data in the future (such as history, settings, etc …).