Chrome gets native feature that speeds up larger downloads

Chrome is a full browser on both desktop and smartphone versions. After gaining native support for HDR videos on Android, Google's browser is gaining a function that makes downloading larger files faster.

Parallel download is a feature that Google had been testing on Chrome for three months, but the command line for enabling it on any device has just been released. Basically, what this feature does is split the files into three parts and download it from different sources / servers that are closer to users or with greater availability of the same file.

This feature works from downloads longer than 2 seconds, but more noticeable on larger files, such as those larger than 300MB. This "slicing" of the file is not noticeable by the user, on the contrary, it will have a sense of speed in some cases. To try and enable this feature on your Chrome I need to copy and paste the following command into the address bar:

chrome: // flags # chrome-parallel-download

There is, however, a restriction on its operation. According to XDA forum, the decline is compatible with Chrome beta only, such as Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary. MacOS and Windows users can try the feature as long as they are running 64-bit version.

New features are expected to arrive in Chrome soon, like a night mode, for example. Recently the browser has received native support for HDR videos from any platform (not just YouTube) and custom download folders.

And what did you think of the news? Already testing on your Chrome?

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