Chrome for Android gets feature that saves 70% more data on 3G / 4G networks

Chrome for Android gets feature that saves 70% more data on 3G / 4G networks

Google has announced in its blog a new feature for the Chrome browser for Android that can save up to 70% of data on mobile networks. Great news, especially for those who can't afford a more robust data plan with a bigger internet franchise.

Named Data Saver, this browsing mode promises to make internet access faster and lighter. It goes into action when it identifies that your network is too slow. This can happen either because of the low contracted speed or because you are in an area with poor coverage. Who announced this new feature was Google Chrome Product Manager Tal Oppehneimer.

Data Saver Mode removes most images from web pages, leaving only those essential for a complete understanding of the content.

So imagine that you are reading news that is taking too long to load. With Data Saver enabled, Chrome will only load the text and images contained in the body text, leaving everything else aside. Undoubtedly, this makes loading pages faster and consuming less data.

Also, there will be a button with which you can choose to upload images later when you are on a higher speed network. There is also the option of choosing which images you want to be loaded if some body text images are left aside.

date saver
Data Saver function lets you choose which images you want to upload / Chrome Blog

Initially, Data Saver Mode will be tested in India and Indonesia, emerging countries with high population density and slow connections. But the company guarantees that other countries will receive the function in the coming months. I hope you arrive soon in Brazil, especially with the increasingly expensive internet franchises. Unfortunately, Google has not provided any additional information about the portability of this function to other platforms.

What do you think about this news? Do you use your mobile internet to surf the internet a lot?

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